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Our Services in Barrie

Flat Roof Inspection Barrie

Our professional commercial roof inspectors in Barrie provide quick and hassle-free inspections and repairs for your roof. With extensive knowledge and experience in flat and commercial roofing systems, we offer expert recommendations on whether to replace or repair your roof. We provide accurate drawings, photographic documentation, and detailed descriptions, helping you understand your roofing requirements. Our condition analysis report empowers you to make informed decisions about your roof's maintenance.

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Flat Roof Repair Barrie

To prolong the life of aging roofs, including flat and commercial ones, timely repairs are crucial. Our skilled experts in Barrie are equipped to handle all repair needs, big or small, with the goal of preserving your roof's longevity and avoiding costly replacements. In cases where more serious issues arise, our top-notch materials and services enable us to efficiently perform selective repairs, ensuring swift and effective resolution of damages.


Flat Roof Replacement Barrie

Our team in Barrie specializes in complete roof replacement and restoration for commercial, institutional, and residential roofs. When a roof has reached its service life and restoration is not feasible, we offer the necessary expertise and equipment for a complete replacement. Regardless of the project size, our priority is to deliver the highest quality roofing products and services to our customers.

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Flat Roof Maintenance Barrie

To prolong a roof's life, maintenance is crucial. As roofs age, problems are inevitable, but our skilled professionals in Barrie are adept at providing maintenance assistance. Our priority is preserving your roof's longevity to prevent costly issues down the line. By addressing maintenance tasks like filling pitch pockets, replacing deteriorated caulking, and fixing blisters and ridges, we can extend your roof's lifespan at a reasonable cost. For more serious matters beyond routine maintenance, our commercial and flat roofing experts will present you with appropriate options for further action.


Roof Safety Barrie

Many business owners who own property are concerned about the safety of their employees while working on the roof. Industrial Roofing Services offers reliable rooftop safety solutions in [post_tile], including safety railings along the perimeter of the roof. By contacting their rooftop safety experts, business owners can improve the safety measures on their roofs. Industrial Roofing Services will develop a customized plan and promptly install the necessary safety systems to keep employees safe.

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Emergency Leaks Barrie

Leaks in your roof require prompt and efficient attention. Our 24/7 professional emergency service team in Barrie is readily available to respond to your call and can be dispatched immediately to stop the leak within a few hours. Equipped with fully stocked service vehicles, our team exceeds client expectations by providing timely solutions. We aim to offer peace of mind, ensuring that your leaks are fixed correctly the first time. Count on our skilled and knowledgeable team to make every effort to deliver a permanent repair. If circumstances prevent a permanent fix, we will implement temporary measures to stop water infiltration and provide recommendations for permanent repairs.

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