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Flat Roof Repair, Flat Roof Replacement, Commercial Roof Repair, Roof Inspections, Flat Roof Maintenance

Looking for Flat Roofers Near You? We guarantee unbeatable workmanship, quality roofing and excellent customer satisfaction.

Flat Roofers

Flat Roof Repair, Flat Roof Replacement, Flat Roof Maintenance, Flat Foor Inspection

Get things done right the first time. Let our team inspect your flat roof and provide the best course of action so your property is covered for years to come. 

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About Industrial Roofing Services Limited

Roofing you can trust since 1973

Image depicts three pictures of roofs that IRSL has worked on.

Industrial Roofing Services Limited (IRSL) has been incorporated since 1973, and we are in good standing with the Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors’ Association (OIRCA), Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) and the Canadian Roofing Contracting Association (CRCA). Our company provides professional roofing services in Toronto and the GTA. We specialize in commercial and industrial roofs. Among our services are: Flat Roof Repair, Commercial Roof Repair and Replacement, Flat Roof Maintenance, Commercial Roof Inspections as well as 24/7 emergency line for unexpected roof leaks.

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What We Do –
For Our Clients.

Let your roofing concerns become our issue to solve. Our experts are on hand 24 hours a day to offer you the support you may need at any time.

Whether you need a repair crew dispatched to help you with a leak in your roof, an expert to analyze the condition of your roof, or a replacement crew to replace your entire roof, then we are the company to call.

More About Us

Why Choose Us –
For Your Roofing Needs

We have built a solid reputation amongst our clients because of the fantastic work we do. People have come to rely on us because:

  • Our professional teams are bonded and insured
  • We commit to fast response times
  • Our team can work under hard conditions
  • We have the resources, experience and capabilities to handle complex projects
  • We provide the best plans for our clients' roofing needs
  • We excel at setting high standards for ongoing training for our employees in knowledge of roofing as well as safety 
  • We are a long-standing member of OIRCA, CRCA and WSIB & CSPAAT
Image depicts roofs that IRSL has worked on.

Emergency Roof Repair

- 2 Hours Response Time - 

- A repair crew is dispatched to immediately stop the leak -

- Attempt to perform a permanent repair first -

- Temporary stopgap measures are implemented if necessary -

- Cease the water infiltration -

- Provide recommendations for permanent repair -

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We have worked with a number of clients across Toronto and the GTA to provide them with reliable roofing services. We encourage you to view our projects below to see examples of our great work.

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