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Our commercial roof inspectors are here to inspect your roof, check for flat roof leaks and provide reliable solutions. If you have been wondering if you should replace or repair your roof, we can help. Our extensive knowledge and experience with current and past flat and commercial roofing systems allows us to make expert recommendations.

We provide accurate drawings with dimensions and penetrations, photographic documentation and detailed descriptions to help you easily understand your roofing requirements. With our condition analysis report in hand, you can better understand the state of your roof and take the appropriate steps for your roof.

Flat Roof Inspection & Commercial Roof Inspection

Our team of experts is proud to offer the most reliable and thorough commercial and flat roof inspections. View the images below to see examples of our work and find out why we’re the right team for the job!

Emergency Roof Repair Service

β˜‘ 2 Hours Response Time
β˜‘ AΒ repair crew is dispatched to immediately stop the leak
β˜‘ Attempt to perform a permanent repair first
β˜‘ Temporary stopgap measures are implemented if necessary
β˜‘ Cease the water infiltration
β˜‘ Provide recommendations for permanent repair

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Why Choose Us For Your
Flat Roof Inspection

Our clients count on us to provide them with professional and reliable flat roof inspection and commercial roof inspection services because:

  • Our professional teams are bonded and insured
  • We commit to fast response times
  • We have the training, experience and capabilities to handle complex projects
  • We provide the best plans for our clients'
  • We excel at setting high standards for ongoing training for our employees in knowledge of roofing as well as safety
  • We are a long-standing member of OIRCA, CRCA and WSIB & CSPAAT
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Using Infrared Scans

To Inspect Your Flat Roof

Determining if your roof is in good condition is done through an infrared scan of your roof. If areas of wet insulation show up on the roof scan, we would plan to cut those specific sections out, and repair those specific areas. Once that is complete, we would install an additional layer of roof membrane.

Should I Book An Flat Roof Infrared Scan?

We recommend you include an infrared scan with your flat roof inspection as proactive maintenance.

Learn more about Flat Roof Infrared Scans.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Flat Roof Inspections

A flat roof inspection is an assessment of the condition of a flat roofing system to determine its overall health and identify any issues that may need repair or maintenance.

Flat roofs should be inspected at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall, to ensure they are in good condition before extreme weather conditions occur.

Some signs include water stains on interior walls or ceilings, ponding water on the roof surface, cracks or blisters in the roofing material, and visible wear and tear.

A typical inspection involves checking for leaks, damage to the roofing material, debris buildup on the rooftop, proper drainage systems, and any other potential risks to the structural integrity of the building.

The length of time required for an inspection varies depending on factors such as size of the building and complexity of the roofing system but typically takes between one to two hours.

If issues are found during an inspection, repairs will need to be made promptly to prevent further damage to the roofing system or building structure. Our team would communicate with you to establish next steps.

Not always. Sometimes minor damages can be repaired without replacing the entire system but only after our experts have assessed whether repair or replacement is necessary based on findings from their thorough examination.

Common issues that may be identified during a commercial roof inspection include leaks, cracks, punctures, missing or damaged shingles or tiles, and general wear and tear.

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