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As a property owner it is important to integrate commercial roofing safety methods that protect your employees. Installing a rooftop fall protection systems can vary depending on your building specifications, contact us for more information!

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Rooftop Fall Protection Systems.

Ensuring the rooftop safety of your employees is a legal requirement in Ontario, mandated by occupational health and safety laws, rooftop safety systems must be implemented when workers face the potential of falling 3m (10ft) and above. Industrial Roofing Services Limited specialize in the installation of rooftop fall protection systems, from freestanding guardrails to skylight bump lines and hatch safety guards. We offer a range of safety systems designed to keep your personnel safe while working at heights.

At Industrial Roofing, our dedicated team is committed to providing custom rooftop safety solutions to meet the unique needs of each business or property owner. If you’re seeking to enhance safety measures on your flat roof, we encourage you to connect with our rooftop safety experts. We’ll work closely with you to assess your requirements and develop a customized plan, ensuring quick and efficient installation of rooftop fall protection systems.

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Rooftop Guardrail Installation

Rooftop guardrail systems are essential components of passive rooftop fall protection systems, securing the parameters of the flat roof and proactively preventing accidents. Industrial roofing safety handrails can be customized to suit your specific roof dimensions, providing reliable protection around HVAC units, vents, solar panels, frequent walkways and roof parameters. There are a range of roof guardrail system installations to choose from:

  • Non-penetrating railing system installation: also known as a ballasted rooftop guardrail, this method uses weighted base that sits on top of the roof membrane to avoid necessary damage.
  • Fixed rooftop guardrail installation: this method involves using concrete or steel parapets to secure the roof safety guardrail.
  • Custom rooftop guardrail systems: for commercial property owners who are interested in customized guardrail installations, we can build bespoke rooftop safety railings that are unique to your roof specifications.
roof guardrail installation
rooftop hatch safety guard installation

Roof Hatch Guard Installation

Safeguarding rooftop access points, particularly around roof hatch openings, is essential for ensuring workplace safety. Roof hatch guardrail systems, commonly known as a Hatch Guard, are specifically designed to address this need. There are a range of roof hatch safety guards to select from:

  • Non-penetrating roof hatch guardrail installation: this self ballasted hatch guardrail uses a clamping system to secure it to the roof hatch itself, protecting your flat roof membrane from damage.
  • Fixed roof hatch guardrail installation: these roof hatch safety rails are bolted to the frame of the hatch, manufactured specifically to match your specific hatch design.
  • Roof hatch grab bar installation: provides extra support when maneuvering in and out of the roof hatch, these safety bar handle for roof hatches are perfect for HVAC contractors or maintenance workers.

Roof Access Ladder Installation

Rooftop fixed access ladders offer a safe way to access flat roofs, they can be permanently mounted to any structure and have the option for an integrated guardrail for effective passive fall protection. These modular roof access ladders can be custom made to perfectly suit your buildings dimensions, manufactured from aluminum to ensure durability and longevity throughout the year.

Pair your fixed access ladder with a ladder cage, security door, walkway or platform system for commercial rooftop safety systems that will give your employees easy access to your flat roof without risking injury.

We also offer the option for lifeline access ladders, required for heights that exceed 24 ft. These vertical lifeline ladders feature a stainless steel cable that allows personal to safely attach themselves via a harness while they make their ascent.

rooftop access ladder installation
skylight guardrail installation

Skylight Guardrail Installation

Skylight guardrails are an essential part of rooftop fall protection systems for flat roofs. Our non-penetrating skylight guardrails are self-ballasted to protect the integrity of your roof, ensuring a secure fit around your skylights. By eliminating the need for roof membrane penetration, our skylight safety rail installation method saves both time and money, while also preventing any potential damage to the roof surface.

We also offer skylight bumplines and warning line systems. These bumplines for skylights are strategically placed to warn workers, effectively preventing accidental falls. By providing a visual and physical barrier, bumplines keep personnel at a safe distance from skylight hazards without obstructing the natural light transmission.

All of our skylight guardrails and bumplines are designed to comply with all relevant safety regulations, ensuring comprehensive fall protection for your rooftop work areas.

Travel Restraint Systems

Travel restraint systems serve as a vital safeguard against falls by preventing workers from accessing unprotected leading edges, effectively mitigating the risk of accidents on elevated work surfaces.

These systems function by restricting the movement of workers, ensuring they remain at a safe distance from potential fall hazards. Whether it’s a single point anchor or a horizontal lifeline, each fall restraint system requires the wearer to utilize a body harness and connect a lanyard to an anchor point. This simple yet effective measure acts as a barrier, preventing individuals from getting too close to the edge where the danger of falling exists.

Our travel restraint systems come in various forms to suit different workplace needs. For smaller, defined work areas, fixed single point anchors provide targeted protection, while larger applications benefit from the flexibility of horizontal lifelines, allowing maintenance personnel to move freely while remaining safely restrained.

travel restraint system installation
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Rooftop Safety
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