Etobicoke Flat Roof Repair Services

Take the first step towards a successful partnership in Etobicoke to address your flat roof repair needs. By doing so, you can rest assured that our seamless process will eliminate any potential future expenses.


Flat Roof Repair in Etobicoke


With the passing of time, it’s commonplace to face roof issues, including minor leaks and extensive projects. Regrettably, these occurrences cannot be avoided. Safeguard the long-term condition of your Etobicoke property by prioritizing routine maintenance and addressing roof repairs promptly to avert costly consequences.

Industrial Roofing specializes in flat roof properties within Etobicoke, led by a team of expert professionals equipped with extensive skills and years of experience. When more extensive repairs are needed, take comfort in our use of prime materials explicitly engineered for flat roofs.

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Emergency Roof Repair Service

☑ 2 Hours Response Time
☑ A repair crew is dispatched to immediately stop the leak
☑ Attempt to perform a permanent repair first
☑ Temporary stopgap measures are implemented if necessary
☑ Cease the water infiltration
☑ Provide recommendations for permanent repair

1 (888) 260-2224

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Why Choose Us For Your
Flat Roof Repair

Discover the reasons behind the trust placed in us by clients in Etobicoke for their skilled flat roof repairs: 

  • Our professional teams are bonded and insured
  • We commit to fast response times
  • We have the training, experience and capabilities to handle complex projects
  • We provide the best plans for our clients' roofing needs
  • We excel at setting high standards for ongoing training for our employees in knowledge of roofing as well as safety
  • We are a long-standing member of OIRCA, CRCA and WSIB & CSPAAT

Flat Roof Repair
Restoration Techniques

2ply and 4ply Roof Repairs

Restorations are our specialty in Etobicoke, where our dedicated team excels in working with 2-ply and 4-ply roofing systems, as well as single-ply EPDM membranes. Effective repairs for each roof membrane type require specific techniques.

With 2-ply modified bitumen systems, our process involves thorough cleaning and priming of the granulated cap sheet, followed by the installation of a new layer over the flashings and field. This meticulous approach ensures a secure and durable outcome.

For 4-ply built-up roofs, our approach begins with gravel removal, followed by the re-doing of all perimeter and curb flashings to ensure proper sealing. An additional flood coat of asphalt is applied in the field, and new gravel is installed, significantly enhancing the roof’s protection.