Our recent project involved a complete overhaul of an office flat roof upgrade for a 10-story office in North York. In collaboration with a top-tier roof consulting firm, we custom-designed a state-of-the-art roofing solution that addressed both current and future needs. The building’s original roofing, an outdated ballasted EPDM system, was clearly in need of an update. We undertook a significant upgrade to modernize the entire structure, focusing on the main building with its concrete roof deck and the adjacent mechanical room with a metal deck. To kick off the renovation, we installed Soprema’s SopraVapr vapor barrier along with two layers of polyiso insulation, adhered using Soprema’s innovative Duotack low-rise foam.

This setup was crucial for enhancing the building’s insulation and energy efficiency. Additionally, we focused on improving the roof’s drainage—a vital aspect of maintaining the integrity of such a large structure. Then we installed extensive 16-foot poly-iso drain sumps and integrated custom tapered insulation around all the roof drains. This ensures efficient water management and water pooling prevention. This flat roof replacement project was completed with the addition of an asphaltic cover board and two plies of Soprema’s SBS-modified bitumen membrane, torch-adhered for maximum durability and resistance to harsh weather. We also fitted new custom sheet metal flashings to protect and enhance the roof edges. If your property requires a durable and professionally installed roof, contact Industrial Roofing today.