The Scarborough Shell Station urgently needed a new roof. The old one was overrun with vegetation and lacked safe access, posing serious safety risks. We used an SBS-modified bitumen membrane roof system when installing this replacement roof. This choice was especially crucial because no hot work could be conducted at the gas station, a place where safety around flammable materials is paramount. The team opted for low VOC adhesives and self-adhered membranes to meet environmental and safety standards, enhancing the roofโ€™s ability to manage water drainage effectively.

With the flat roof replacement complete, the station now sports improved structural integrity and safety features. The roof replacement project included the reinstallation of existing safety guardrails and the addition of a new exterior access ladder with a locking door, greatly enhancing roof access and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. These upgrades not only extend the roof’s lifespan but also simplify maintenance tasks. If your commercial property is in need of a reliable, professionally installed roof, contact Industrial Roofing. Our experience in flat roof replacement and maintenance will ensure your investment is well-protected and durable.