Our client sought to upgrade a building in their portfolio for their own use. After completing several other enhancements, it was time for a roof upgrade with a roof membrane peel in Vaughan. The existing 4-ply built-up membrane was worn out, but the 2.5” poly iso insulation was still in good condition. We began by removing the existing pea gravel, roofing membrane, and any wet or damaged poly iso insulation, replacing it with new poly iso to ensure no saturation remained in the roof system.

The upper roof level featured several skylights, which the client opted to remove entirely to reduce heat loss. To improve the building’s overall efficiency, we installed an additional 4” of poly iso insulation over the existing 2.5”, achieving an impressive R-value of 40. On the lower roof, we installed back slope insulation around the perimeter to enhance drainage towards the sumped roof drains. Additionally, we added two extra drains on the upper roof level to address areas that previously retained water. A new 2-ply modified bitumen SBS membrane was installed, featuring a black granule cap sheet as per the client’s request. We finished the project with custom black sheet metal flashings on all roof levels for an upgraded appearance. Contact us today to find out if your building is a candidate for a roof membrane peel in Vaughan!