This safely executed roof replacement in Bolton was initiated after a new client contacted us through our website voicing concerns about ongoing leaks. We determined that the 4-ply built-up existing roof, last replaced over 25 years ago, had reached its end, and was due for a complete overhaul. Our crew meticulously removed multiple layers of sheet metal flashings and stripped the existing membrane down to the wooden deck to prepare for the new installation. 

For the replacement, we chose a 2-ply modified bitumen membrane, known for its durability and effectiveness in sealing against water. This new membrane was carefully mopped in place, ensuring a strong and secure bond to the roof deck. Given the age of the building and the nature of the wooden roof deck, we opted against using open flames. Instead, we utilized peel-and-stick membranes and other adhesive products for installing flashings. Contact us for your roof replacement in Bolton today.