Taking care of your flat roof is essential for ensuring your commercial building remains in prime condition. Industrial Roofing knows a thing or two about this, we have been offering flat roofing services for over 45 years! Proactively managing your roof benefits you by minimizing repair costs in the long run. Below is how you can proactively manage your flat roof and ensure it remains in excellent condition.

What Is Proactive Flat Roof Management?

Proactive flat roof management consists of regular inspections, maintenance, and minor repairs to keep the roof in the best condition. Proactive management helps you identify and correct small issues early before they develop into extensive problems. It ideally is the opposite of reactive maintenance, where one looks for solutions when a problem occurs. Proactive management ensures that your roof structure remains strong and durable, eliminating the need for emergency-related repairs.

Practical Proactive Measures for Flat Roof Management

Conduct Quarterly Visual Inspections

Regularly assess your flat roof for visible damage, including cracks, blisters, washed-off coatings, and standing water. These inspections can help you catch small issues early, making it easy to address them. Walking the roof and scanning the surface can reveal small imperfections that would be unsafe. Pay close attention to areas around penetrations, edges, and the site of any repair work.

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Use Infrared Scanning Technology

Infrared Scanning can reveal insulation and moisture issues that are impossible to view with the naked eye. Infrared scans can determine hidden problems early, such as trapped roof moisture that encourages mould growth and material rot. Regular infrared scanning as part of your inspection plan may be a necessity for the health of your roof.

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Remove Debris Regularly

Free the roof of all debris, including leaves, twigs, and similar stuff. Debris can plug drainage paths, resulting in water ponds that can damage roof materials and structural roofing. Clean your roof frequently; after severe storms or as seasons change, this assures your roof is free of all stuff.

remove plants and debris from flat roof

Fix Small Leaks Immediately

Address small leaks, cracked seams, or small losses of adhesion quickly. Addressing these issues quickly helps prevent significant water infiltration that can damage the interior of the roof system and the building. Small repairs are less costly, less disruptive, and more likely to be successful than large projects.

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Complete Regular Maintenance Tasks

This includes rail cleaning, sealing if necessary, ensuring proper drainage, and checking for wear. Completing the regular tasks maintains the roof in its best condition, ensuring that small issues do not become large ones. Set a regular maintenance schedule.

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Ensure Proper Drainage

Flat roofs need to have proper drainage to avoid water pooling and all of the issues that are associated with this. Ensure water is draining away from your roof, and check for low areas or pools of water.

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install-tapered-roofing insulation on flat roof to stop water pooling

Inspect and Maintain Skylights & Equipment

Visually inspect all skylight installations and rooftop installations for water penetration points. Ensure flashings are watertight and tools are sound.

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Limit Roof Traffic

Create pathways to demarcate traffic patterns for service workers vs occupants. It lets you assess damage areas regularly on high footpath rooftop areas to monitor wear.

Take charge of your commercial flat roof with proactive roof management, by implementing these active maintenance strategies you can ensure your roof remains in excellent condition, avoiding emergency leak repairs and maintaining your warranty package.

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