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essential rooftop fall protection systems

5 Essential Rooftop Fall Protection Systems

In Ontario, ensuring worker safety on commercial flat roofs is not just a priority; it’s a legal requirement. Fall protection measures are mandated by occupational health and safety laws, especially when workers face the potential of falling about 3 meters (10 feet). Selecting the appropriate fall protection system for your building is crucial and we […]

five reasons why flat roof is leaking

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Flat Roof is Leaking

As a commercial property owner or manager, you understand the importance of maintaining a leak-free roof. Unfortunately, flat roofs, though not entirely flat, can pose challenges regarding water drainage, making them more prone to leaks if not properly maintained. With 50+ years of industry experience, we have accumulated the top 5 reasons why your flat […]

modified bitumen installation on flat roof using touch down method

What Is Modified Bitumen Roofing?

As the premier roofing experts serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for over 45 years, we have witnessed the evolution of roofing materials and techniques firsthand. Among the various roofing systems available for commercial properties, modified bitumen roofing stands out as a durable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for flat roof replacement. Understanding Modified […]

importance of regular flat roof inspections

5 Reasons Why Regular Roof Inspections Are A Must!

Your roof is the first line of defence for your property against the elements. Neglecting its maintenance can lead to costly repairs and potential risks to your property’s integrity. At Industrial Roofing Services Limited, we understand the significance of regular roof inspections. In this blog, we’ll delve into what a flat roof inspection entails, what […]

flat roof maintenance

Flat Roof Maintenance: Fall Checklist

As the seasons transition and leaves begin to carpet the ground, it’s a crucial time for property owners to turn their attention to their flat roofs. Neglecting maintenance can lead to costly repairs and compromise the integrity of your property. Fall is the opportune moment to undertake a comprehensive flat roof maintenance regimen. Contact Industrial […]

gta flat roof replacement

Signs Your Flat Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Flat roofs are a popular choice for various types of buildings, including industrial, commercial and institutional properties. They offer a sleek, modern aesthetic and practical use of space. However, like any roofing system, it is important to understand the factors that might indicate a commercial flat roofing system replacement. In this article, we will explain […]

The Importance of Regular Flat Roof Maintenance for Commercial Buildings

A commercial building’s flat roof is a critical component that protects the entire structure and its contents from the elements. Regular maintenance of the flat roof is vital for its longevity, structural integrity, and the overall safety and functionality of the building. In this blog, we will explore the various reasons why regular flat roof […]

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