In Ontario, ensuring worker safety on commercial flat roofs is not just a priority; it’s a legal requirement. Fall protection measures are mandated by occupational health and safety laws, especially when workers face the potential of falling about 3 meters (10 feet). Selecting the appropriate fall protection solution for your building is crucial and we are here to help you determine what is necessary. We’ve identified five essential rooftop fall protection systems tailored for Ontario’s industrial, commercial and institutional environment. Discover which system is the best rooftop safety solution for your building, from access ladders and roof hatch guards to safety guardrails, walkway systems, and skylight guardrails.

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1. Access Ladders

Access ladders are crucial for providing safe and efficient rooftop access for maintenance personnel and service technicians. These ladders, securely attached to the building’s side, feature non-slip rungs and handrails to enhance stability during ascent and descent. By facilitating safe rooftop access, access ladders minimize the risk of slips, trips, and falls, ensuring worker safety and compliance with Ontario safety regulations.

Options for Access Ladders

  • Fixed Access Ladders: Permanent ladders securely attached to the building structure.
  • Caged Access Ladders:  Ladders equipped with safety cages for added fall protection and locking capabilities to prevent unwanted access to your roof.
  • Portable Access Ladders: Lightweight ladders designed for temporary rooftop access needs.

access ladders

2. Roof Hatch Guards

Roof hatch guards are essential for safeguarding personnel against falls when accessing rooftop hatches and openings. These guards, available in various configurations such as fixed barriers and self-closing gates, prevent accidental falls while allowing authorized personnel easy access. By installing roof hatch guards, businesses ensure compliance with safety standards, mitigate fall risks, and maintain a secure rooftop environment.

Options for Roof Hatch Guards

  • Fixed Barrier Guards: Permanent guards securely installed around roof hatches.
  • Self-Closing Gates: Gates that automatically close after personnel pass through, enhancing safety.
  • Removable Guards: Guards that can be easily installed or removed based on access needs.

rooftop hatch guard

3. Roof Safety Guardrails

Roof safety guardrails provide passive fall protection by creating a physical barrier along the roof perimeter. Guardrails must be installed at any serviceable unit on your roof that is within 6 ft from the roof edge. These guardrails, either securely fastened to the roof edge or ballasted atop the roof offer continuous protection for workers near the roof edge, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. By installing roof safety guardrails, businesses prioritize worker and trade safety, comply with safety regulations, and promote a safe working environment.

Options for Roof Safety Guardrails

  • Fixed Guardrail Systems: Permanent guardrails securely attached to the roof structure.
  • Non-penetrating Guardrail Systems: Guardrails that do not penetrate the roofing membrane or building perimeter but instead are tested and weighted using a ballasted system.

roof safety guardrails

4. Skylight Guardrails

Skylight guardrails are essential for preventing falls around skylight openings, which pose significant fall hazards on commercial flat roofs. These guardrails, securely fitted over skylight frames or ballasted around the perimeter of the skylight, ensure that workers cannot accidentally step or fall through the opening. By installing skylight guardrails, businesses comply with safety regulations, reduce the risk of accidents, and enhance overall rooftop safety.

Options for Skylight Guardrails

  • Fixed Skylight Guardrails: Permanent guardrails specifically designed for skylight protection.
  • Adjustable Skylight Guardrails: Versatile guardrails that can be customized to fit different skylight sizes and shapes.
  • Non-penetrating Skylight Guardrails: Similar to the non-penetrating guardrail system, these skylight systems are designed to sit around the skylight and are weighed down with a ballasted system.

5. Walkway Systems

Walkway systems provide safe and stable pathways for workers to navigate across the roof surface, minimizing the risk of slips, trips, and falls. These customizable systems offer designated pathways for routine maintenance and inspection activities, ensuring safe access and movement on commercial flat roofs. By investing in walkway systems, businesses prioritize worker safety, comply with safety regulations, and mitigate the potential for rooftop accidents.

Options for Walkway Systems

  • Aluminum Walkway Systems: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant systems suitable for various rooftop surfaces.
  • FRP Walkway Systems: Fiberglass-reinforced plastic systems offering durability and slip resistance.
  • Modular Walkway Systems: Interlocking modules that can be configured to create customized walkway layouts.

roof walkway systems

At Industrial Roofing Services Limited, we prioritize safety above all else. By investing in essential rooftop fall protection solutions, businesses can create a safer working environment for their employees while ensuring compliance with Ontario safety regulations. From access ladders to skylight guardrails, our comprehensive range of fall protection solutions is designed to meet the unique needs of commercial flat roofs.

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